Hannah Bruce and Company - 'A Fitting Space' Image by Colleen Joseph. http://www.hannahbruce.org/fitting-space.html

[image: Colleen Joseph]

"Unique and gobsmacking performance"

"Brilliant piece, immersive performance was on point"

"I like that performance too much"

"Original. Really enjoyed the experience. Love the App"

Choreographed by Sophie Arstall and the dancers from Hoxton Hall’s Youth Dance Company SoH!, A Fitting Space was created in conjunction with HB&Co’s pioneering work for Hoxton Hall A Collection of Small Choices. SoH! devised A Fitting Space using HB&Co’s TlotT performance App. TlotT was a critical tool during the process of making and performing the work, as well as facilitating audience experience.

The original project was a great success, leading to it’s re-staging for the venue’s autumn season. The work creates an exciting bridge between Hoxton Hall’s youth programme, and professional programme.

Project dates:

May/June 2015 (performances on 17 June, 19:00 and 20:00)

Re-mounted in November 2015 (performances on 19 November, 18.30, 19.30, and 20.30)

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Hoxton Hall. 130 Hoxton Street, London. N1 6SH.


Sophie Arstall (Choreographer & Project Director)
Hannah Bruce (Director HB&Co)
Jonathan Eato (Composition / Sound Design)
Colleen Joseph (Director of SoH! Dance Company)
Boris Witzenfeld (Participation Manager at Hoxton Hall)
Peter Worth (App Development)
Theo Burt (Android Development)
Claudia Quinn and Cherilyn Albert (Rehearsal Assistants)

Dancers / Collaborators:

Cherilyn Albert, Gabriella Chering, Poppy Hipwell, Emmanuella Idris, Shakira Karaboue, Odette Mokonzele, Claudia Quinn, Elizabeth Ude..

Soundtrack performers:

Tom Adams (guitar), Victoria Bernath (viola), Jonathan Eato (saxophone, organ), Adam Glasser (harmonica), Simon Goulding (bass), Helen Longworth (voice), Dan Starkey (voice / Old English), Dharambir Singh (sitar), Beau Stocker (percussion).


This project was a collaboration between Sophie Arstall, Hannah Bruce and Company, Hoxton Hall and SoH! Dance Company. We're delighted that this project was supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. We also gratefully acknowledge the ongoing support of the Department of Music at the University of York.

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